Hello, world! We’re Great American Makers.

Hello, world! Welcome to Great American Makers – a website featuring makers and small businesses from all corners of the country.

My name is Alex Newlin and for the past five years, my job has taken me to cities big and small and shown me the drive and ambition of countless small business owners. In talking with this diverse group of makers, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between, it became increasingly clear that their stories needed to be told.

All of us aspire to find something we’re passionate about – whether it’s our career, a hobby or our families – and at GAM, we want to be the storytellers and valuable resource for makers everywhere. While every featured maker may be in different stages of their business, their shared commitment to perfecting their craft and following their passion is infectious.

Fast forward to the present and Great American Makers is born!

Visit us to read the inspiring stories of people like you who are living out their passion, to learn key lessons from small business owners, and to discover the why behind small business. Then, visit our makers to support their business, shop small, and promote local economies.

This is our very first post, but there are many more to come. While this blog will evolve over time, here’s what you can expect to see from Great American Makers:

– A curated directory of small businesses showcased in an interactive makers map
– Interviews, stories and blog posts highlighting makers and their products
– Engaging social media content and a monthly newsletter recapping all the best stuff
– The occasional giveaway and promotion

We’ve got a great team of writers committed to delivering thoughtful, unique, and crafted content every week. We have exciting things in the works and can’t wait to share our plans over the next few months, but most importantly, we can’t wait to share the stories of driven individuals, their businesses, and their products with you.

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